Foxglove Copperfield: My very own game.

So it’s done.

Yeah we did!

Steampunk Heroine for hire.

You can download it here.

It took us 5 months, from concept to actual game, but we did it. Anyone who has a steam account and Half Life 2 can download the mod here, install it and play. Then tell us what you think. It’s unlikely we can change anything at this stage, but it’s still good to hear feedback nonetheless. The game has been submitted to IGF and while some of us are awaiting work, and others still searching, I can at least admit to being nervous about how it’ll do there. It’ll be nice if the game gets some recognition or mention, not to mention awards, as one can always hope.

Still, I really want to commend the team on the work that we put in to make the game. Especially the artists; Aidan and Wilson. Without the two of which, we would never really have made much of anything. Sure, we’d have code, and ideas, but it’ll look like crap and no one would play the game. I realize it was only the two of them who had to make the entire game look good and perhaps some corners were cut, or some production issues stood in the way of really making great art, but I do wanna say that Aidan and Wilson were two of the best artists I’ve worked with.

What did I say about the artists being awesome?

I’m not sure what else to write about the 5 months. It was entertaining, educational, frustrating, exciting, and a whole ton of other adjectives to be used all at once. I’ll admit that when the idea first came to me, to make a game out of a Rube Goldberg Machine (based on Ok Go’s “This too shall Pass.“), that we weren’t really sure how we were going to implement it. We knew that we didn’t want to do an incredible machine style game, nor a 2D top-down puzzler. Mashing it to a 3rd person action-adventure may have been our boldest decision, but it’s also the one that’s caused us the most critiques. Yes, the camera system could be better. Yes, we can tweak the main character’s animation to better suit the environments. Yes, it results in some tedium in puzzle fail-states. It’s cool, it’s all a learning experience.

We did get the satisfaction of setting up complex rube goldberg traps and watching them interact with the robots.

In anycase, I’m proud of the game. Proud that we pulled off the idea, and proud of the team. Here’s hoping we get something at IGF.

The YouTube video.


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