Left 4 Deadrising: Case Source

Not much to this one.

Yeah, Chuck cleared the town of zombies already

The rest of the gallery is on my Steam Community Page, but this level started off inspired by the layout of Stillcreek from Dead Rising 2: Case zero. It’s currently zombieless and AI-less cos I didn’t do the nav system for my comp at home. There’s a Nav system as done by friend and teammate JJ, but that’s lounging somewhere else at the moment. Still, wandering zombies would have made it difficult for me to go Frank West on the town and snap screenshots for everyone’s perusal. Yeah, it’s dark, but it’s left 4 dead 2 and I haven’t thrown in much of the post-processing effects into this one just yet. It also helps obscure the breaks and level ends in some parts of the map.

It’s a small town, but I tried to include elements of Americana in it as much as I can. For instance…

where cars go to die.

A garage, much like the starting area of case zero. Lots were changed in the layout.

where appetites go to die

A quintessential American diner. Apart from the starting area, I pretty much diverged from Stillcreek’s layout once I had a handle on how I was going to layout my own town. So everything after the Sheriff’s office is pretty much me doing my own thing.

Sadly, there were no hamburger props.

This is pretty much my proudest bit of my map.

It's raining...

Based loosely on a pub I frequented back in Jersey and Brooklyn. Took parts from both.

Damn, the jukebox is broken again.

Left 4 Dead 2 makes things so much easier with an abundance of props, textures and pre-fabs to my hearts content.

Go on: It's safe. I promise you there are absolutely no muggers there.

A park, because every American town has one somewhere.

A gazebo!

And a gazebo!, because it’s fancy, and not every American town has one somewhere.

which serves bud, of course

JJ’s restaurant. I added bits to this, like a carpark on the left (not pictured) and a proper wine cellar. (also not pictured here.) Again, check out the larger gallery at my Steam Community Page.

The town is smaller than it looks

An overview. The main street where the Sheriff’s office and the Diner is behind those row of houses, alongside the backalley that got you there. Lots of bits of the town aren’t actually constructed, just fudged to give the town a bigger feel, since those areas aren’t playable anyway. This is possibly the biggest, most complicated map I’ve created that generally on a single plane. Only the restaurant and the Sheriff’s office play with any sort of vertical and level space. Else it’s just a straight run from the garage to the brewery, through a fairly decent sized American Town.

No Beer for you!

Originally, this level was to be set somewhere in Kentucky, partly because of the brewery concept, but mostly because of my abiding love for Justified. But the abundance of pine trees used to cover the skyline shifted the geographical location to somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. That kinda explains all the rain as well.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the map, though a lot more work can go into polishing bits and pieces here and there. But onwards to the next project.


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