Leo Tokyo: Adventures in Source

Not entirely sure what I was doing with these two maps.

Essentially, they’re proof of concepts of a science-fiction concept, more specifically a cyberpunk treatment of Hong Kong / Tokyo for a game idea. The original idea was to have the apartment link up to the Market on a bridge suspended high above the sprawl of the city. The market itself would be a labyrinth of stalls, pipes, energy walls and railings as the crowd snakes its way through the tight corridors overlooking the city’s skyscrapers, and building sized ads. The final version fell far short of that. I blame time.

This was done in a week after all.

Still, as proof of concepts go, I do think given enough time, I can come up with a reasonable cyberpunk location, maybe even attempt a Deus Ex: Source type game if I figure out the triggers and AI enough to wrangle some sort of gameplay out of the whole thing. Implementing a richer RPG system will require programming knowledge I simply do not have.

Special thanks to NeoTokyo’s Studio Radi-8, for all the cool props, textures, level design examples and other stuff.

For the larger gallery, check out the facebook album.


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