It’s Hammer Time!!

I started out with this image in mind.

A lakeside mountain retreat is kinda inviting no? A getaway from the rat race of congested urban life. Go inside, relax by the fire.

Kick off your shoes, pick up a paper, a cup of coffee. Even the kitchen is pretty cool with a nice marble open top concept and great view of the lake. However, since the assignment is a slow transition to creepy, several clues should lead you to the waterfall pictured in the first image. (Way back in the right part of the level). A misplaced box of ammo lying on the kitchen counter, several blood spots leading from the back stairs and into where a group of seagulls are milling about. They will fly off towards the waterfall, where if you trudge your way there, you’ll discover a cave hidden behind.

The rest of the cave system is best explored rather than described. I’m hoped to have more time to design more scenarios and events before reaching the end of the cave system, but the major lesson that this assignment taught me is that displacement is a bitch and cave systems are hard. I’ll revisit caves at a later date now that I know more tricks about it, but dear lord, I spent a lot of time fixing leaks and misaligned walls. The ether was bleeding through. Ultimately though, the end of the cave should reach this.

Creepy? A bit too reminiscent of 300, but I didn’t really have the scope for a more nightmarish scenario. My original idea was to somehow model a variation of  Apokolips, with towering furnaces, scorched metallic landscape, strewn charred corpses, and the wreckage of a elder god invasion. But scoping and technological issues got in the way, I mean, I didn’t really have the time to pull something like that off. Burning hanging corpses on a dead tree in an underground cavern will have to do. Just don’t stare at them too long. They might attack.

The final overview of the entire map.

With all its displacement, misaligned textures, spammed trees, and assorted skybox cards in play.


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