Tetris Blitz

This was a quick and dirty design I came up with for the game design challenge by Game Career Guide. I’m not sure what else to say beyond that other than it was a simple exercise of the mind and I certainly don’t expect it to win any awards for originality or the like.


Tetris Blitz is a modern update to a gaming classic for the iPhone and Facebook platform.

The core of Tetris is the spatial management of falling blocks against time, whereas the idea of Blitz style of game is to get as high a score as possible within a given minute. Tetris Blitz will combine the classic Tetris falling with the Match-3 genre set in a Blitz style game-play. The Blitz style of game play is extremely successful for providing addictive replay value and the personal challenge to better scores during easy to consume playtimes.

The main change to Tetris and the core of Tetris is the limited 1 minute game play time each session. Players will be tasked to clear as many blocks as lines as possible in a single minute. Because of this, the blocks will fall at a set speed during this minute. Slow for easy play, fast for normal play and faster still for hard play. Scores will be multiplied based on the difficulty level.

An additional element of Tetris Blitz to the core game play of Tetris will be coloured blocks. Each of the 4 blocks that make up the basic Tetris shape will be shaded with one of these 6 colours; white, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Purple. Matching these colours horizontally in 3 or more blocks will award bonus blocks with special abilities that spawn the following block. Using these special blocks to clear lines will activate the block’s special abilities.

Points are thus awarded for number of bonus blocks used, number of lines cleared in a session with multipliers that affect their final score. Players can then post their scores on Facebook leaderboards to challenge their friends.

Other facebook gaming aspects will be added to the game as well, such as achievement badges and medals in reaching certain scores, facebook coins to buy boosts for some play sessions and stats to track play sessions. I’m borrowing quite a number of the successful elements of bejeweled blitz and the upcoming Zuma blitz. Why reinvent the wheel.

Feature List.

–          Special blocks:

  • Bomb block, destroys the blocks around it.
  • Question block, shuffles the colour of the blocks already in play.
  • Multiplier block, multiplies the score by set amounts.
  • Clock block, slows down time. (for good or bad, allows for greater control, but less chance to score higher.)

–          Combo multipliers are based on the speed in which player clears blocks. Since players can drop blocks if they’re confident of their placement.

–          Explosive sound design, and visual effects to create a sense of feedback and achievement. Each disappear block must do so with pizzazz, a dash of pomp and a whole lot of circumstance. While it’s possible to go overboard with cheesy particle effects and light shows, there should be a middle ground to transform tetris, originally a block black and white game, into a colorful game with great sound.



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