Fallout: New Vegas Journal #3 – Veni Vedi Veci

I have met Caesar’s Legion.

They announced their presence as brutally as they could. A town razed; not simply razed, but subjugated to a twisted version of a fear and hope, brought to their lowest basal instinct before they were summarily, and systematically executed. I have learned of the Legion’s version of the lottery, a cruel practice in which the winner gets to live, and everyone else is simply waiting upon their method of death. Beheadings are the merciful variant.

I have also met the man responsible for this. He calls himself Vulpes Inculta, a frumentarii. My brief understanding of the word is that they are some sort of independent agents within the ancient Roman empire. Vulpes certainly behaved as man who followed his own set of ethics, twisted as they may be. He claimed the town deserved every bit of horror visited upon them. That they could have fougth back, but they were weak and thus deserved to die.

Perhaps he was right.

Digging around the town, I discovered evidence of double crosses and greed. Perhaps the mayor was not a paragon of virtue, but did he deserve to die in such a way. The rest of the victims were powder gangers, escaped convicts and some of the town folk. I doubt they were all guilty of some crime, some sin that will scorched that souls and face the wrath of the legion. It didn’t matter,  the legion is indiscriminate in their punishment.

I have reported the incident to the Mojave Outpost. They are worried, but unable to do anything. I, too am unsure of what there is to do. Nipton burns, partly because of the Legion’s brutality, partly because of their own sins. I have sympathy for the dead, but is this what the wasteland has shaped people into becoming. In the west, where the republic is once again taking shape and apathy, greed, corruption and arrogance in once again taking root, perhaps out here in the wasteland, only the strong survive, and even then, only those willing to be as brutal as the wasteland around it.

I am unsure.

I will head for New Vegas now. I hear civilization there is of a different sort. The east is closed to me. It is the land of the legion, and I fear I may not be entirely ready to face them and their version of society.


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