Monday Morning News Roundup 15th Nov

Monday mornings are for aching after going to the gym on Sunday and wishing that I lived closer to where I studied. It’s also for rounding up a bunch of gaming news so I can impress Dave with my ability to read.

1> Erik Johnson Talks Portal 2 – Have yet to read the whole thing yet, but it’s Portal 2 information, by a game developer, for game developers. I can only assume that I must read it sooner or later.

2> Eurogamer ruminates on Videogame controversy – Is it videogame, or video-game, hmmm. Either way, it’s nice to see that video games are taking one more step into mainstream acceptance, because people aren’t decrying about its violent content. That’s the US btw. Singapore still bitches about it. See blogTV.

3> How to pitch your project. – Alright, more stuff to read when you’re an aspiring game developer.


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