Fallout: New Vegas Journal #0 – Chronicles of the Courier.

My name is Angela Hsien-Wright, and this is my journal.

I grew up in vault city, a cloistered tidy place, where I was surrounded by books of the old world, before the war. War, war never changes, but the world has and I knew nothing of it outside the safe confines of the city. Vault City was  part of the NCR, and yet I knew little of the greater republic than within my walls. In order to sate my curiosity of the outside world, I became a courier, and in my journeys, I had hoped to go to the Mojave Wasteland.

The Mojave wasteland was a prime example of the new world order. NCR had barely established a foothold when they found themselves in battle with the curiously named Caesar’s Legion. Rumors are they are brutal slavers, adhering to some sort of ancient Roman tradition. I read about Rome in some of the books back in the vault. It’s strange that an ancient civilization would rise again to claim the remnants of our dead one.

Rumors of New Vegas are also abundant back west. It was said to be a place untouched by the war, a place where the glitz and glitter have lit up once again, a beacon for the pleasures of the old world. NCR is said to have allied with a mysterious entity, though even his name is unknown back in the west. Who rules New Vegas, what of its people.

The job that I took will take me to through to Primm, and to Goodsprings and eventually to New Vegas. I should earn enough caps to get my journey started. Future entries into this journal will capture my observations and reasonings within the Mojave Wasteland. I hope this will be of use for future reference.





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