Readings – Oct 18th.

Shamelessly stealing an idea from Rockpapershotgun, and compiling a list of useful readings that are tangentially related to the idea of games and narratives. Also, as a way for me to maintain a level of interest in upkeeping this blog.

Let us sally forth.

– Always nice to see any article that expounds on the craft of writing, whether it be games or any other medium capable of a narrative.
– My not quite heterosexual love for Tim Schafer extends into posting any resplendent interview with him regarding game design and business. This one, not quite so resplendent but still the prospect of 4 Tim Schafer-esque games and the hope that this sort of biz practice will keep Double Fine doubly fine is nice.
– I guess this would fall under pretentious soul searching in justifying our chosen obsessions, or any other discussion that can be routinely accused of being art with a capital A, but it’s interesting nontheless for perspective sake. Like art, it’s only really useful if you’re at all interested in it.
– It also warrants a lengthier reply, elsewhere. I’m not entirely certain of Ms Alexander’s assertions and I’ve been kicking around my own ideas of what game design, narratives and the relationship to players means for quite a bit. I don’t have anything concrete just yet, but to append on Bartle’s assertion that games should say something, I disagree. On the other hand, I do think that games could be about something, which is a whole different kettle of fish.

The last is especially important, as I work towards some level of thesis and understanding about narrative design within a gaming system.


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