New Friends

Todd VanDerWerff sums up all the reasons why Community is my new favourite show.

I was wondering why Community as a show resonated with me, something that hasn’t happened since the early seasons of Scrubs and How I met your mother, both of which went downhill as the seasons wore on.  A large part of that is that like these two previous shows, and unlike various other hit shows, Community is actually about something. It’s also really funny.

At its heart, Community is about trying to be better than your faults, while realizing just the sort of person you are with those faults. Then it surrounds you with the kind of friends that help; characters with actual personality and backgrounds, not easy shorthand for quirky comedy. It also helps that Alison Brie is insanely hot and Troy and Abed are the sort of buddy best friends you want around all the time.

But back to the whole “better than your worst” theme that Community has got working for it. I’m not going to rehash the majority of the plot when watching the show has got to be the better alternative, but I do have to say that I’ve enjoyed the characters’ growth throughout the series. Not just Jeff’s which was inevitable given the premise of the show, but of everyone around him.

I’m guessing that part of it is that Harmon and his team of writers have actually been working to figure out where these characters are headed. I don’t think they have an idea themselves, but they’re doing their best to make the journey as funny as possible. It’s a far cry from locking your characters into certain traits and twisting stories out from that rote setup.

Community is an ensemble show and there’s nothing that appeals to me more than a sense of family in a show that’s heading its way to a point. It’s in the name itself, just as it was explicitly stated in the hokey pilot. It took its time to work to it, but ultimately, the show sells itself as a family far better than HIMYM is doing these days and so much more than the perpetual drama machine of Glee’s pointless character assassinations.

Favourite things:

  • Troy and Abed in the morning!
  • Gateway Douche.
  • Seriously! Alison Brie! Hot!
  • Harmon’s twitter feed is hilarious.
  • Romantic Expressionism “Sexual Partner” scene. That’s the epitome of great writing, for character and for jokes.
  • Come with me if you don’t want paint on your clothes.
  • Streets ahead is verbal Wildfire.

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