Planet Fall

I”m going to jot this down fairly quickly. It’s an idea I came up with during my recent stint in reservists and judging from the scope and concept, something is unlikely to see production anytime soon. It is however, a cool little story, or at least I think so. I’m apt to, I came up with it. 🙂

Anyway, the story is set some years in the future where Humanity is beginnig to terraform terrestial planets for colonizations. The main character is one John Keenan Hunter, a veteran of a Plantery Survey Team for the Government Corporation Oxxon Galactic. He has been stationed on the planet Rayinji for the past year or so, with his team as they conduct research, surveys and general ecological and scientific testing for a planet that is soon to be terraformed. The story starts when The huge Terraforming machine is dropped onto the world to begin stage 1 of the mission and Hunter and his team is scheduled to return to the capital ship for psychological and biological evaluation.

Right before they leave, several strange things happen.

First, John and his spotter, Warren (an ex-sniper spec ops soldier) notice movement on the dropped Machine. This is  a future where aliens have yet to make first contact, so in part, the story revolves around the secrecy and intrique of a possible first contact. Not a pleasant first contact, mind you, because the second thing that is out of place is that when John and his team head out to link up with another PST on the planet, they find a deserted outpost, with scattered clues of their whereabouts and little else.

Reporting to their superior, they are told that the matter will be investigated and that they should stay out of it. Here is where I would ahve introduced Commander Eliza Ayami, the captain of the Capital ship, the Resolute Progress. For all intents and purposes, she is the femme fatale of the story.

The whole idea and story was to be constructed as a semi-noir mystery set on a distant planet in the early throes of terraformation. John Hunter is the lead, a fairly typical detective, tough as nails, anti-hero archetype who has to uncover several murders, (one of his team will get murdered early) and the secret of which everyone is hiding. All while the planet is being terraformed and possibly undergoing major ecological and environmental changes.

It was to focus on characters.

The whole thing was a response to having read 5 pages of Peter Hamilton’s Pandora’s Star and being bored out of my freaking skull. It’s probably me, but I’m wondering when Science Fiction as a genre decided to jettison interesting characters in favour of glacial plots and every weird little futurist fetish these authors have. It’s hard to relate to anything going on in the story because it comes from a very weird place I can’t identify with and the characters are all to bland to be intriguing. One could argue that the science-fiction genre is meant to advance futuristic concepts, but all I’m asking for is relatable characters in a genre that has a cornucopia of weird things gonig on. At the very least, I would be able to frame these futuristic concepts with something more contemporary. Yeah, it’s most probably me, maybe the science fiction genre isn’t really for me.

Planet Fall (working title) would have been a noir science fiction story that focused on the characters reaction to the events around him. While effort would have been made to at get the science of the terraformation accurate, as well as as the space travel, isolation dementia, first contact, and various other elements that might help the story, I really wanted to focus it on the characters and the mystery. If I had my way, it would have been a 10 episode mini-series on HBO, told with a more deconstructionist pacing. I have no idea how to pull that off, of course, but this blog is meant for concepts, not execution. I’ll probably get to writing the story again some day, since I do like what I had envisioned for the first three episodes. One of which would have been a homage to Carpenter’s Thing. and the other, a Homage to Peter David’s X-factor issue where the characters all went to see a psychiatrist.

The larger underlying mystery would have involved first contact, a conspiracy of murder, and the general theme of Men escaping their destiny by denying what others claim is their future. In short, ignoring false prophets and all that. Although that could have just been my pretentious ambition going, while the story turns out to be some quirky noir set in a strange location.

It can also be a comic. We’ll see how this new IFS thing goes.


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