1.6 In the lair of a Dark God.

No witty title today folks. I couldn’t think of any and I wanna knock this particular section out before I disappear into the jungle for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, we’re back from meeting with Zzeribah, the swamp witch. If you’ve killed her, you come back and report the happy news to Chief Hariman and Father Tully. They will congratulate you. Yay you and all that. It’s not the end though. If you’ve managed to talk to Zzeribah before you killed her, she would have mentioned a dead god in an abandoned temple nearby. If you didn’t, well Father Tully will tell you that he senses an evil power behind the witch and it’s located at a nearby abandoned temple. He won’t specifically mention a Dead God, most likely because he doesn’t know.

Or does he, if you’ve spoken to Zzeribah before killing her, she would have hinted that Father Tully had something to behind this. You can accuse him here, ask him if he knows anything. He will deny everything of course, saying the witch is lying to protect herself. In the service to whatever powers she keeps secret. He says he’s a devout member of the Lost. This is all rather tedious so you can accept him at his word. You really don’t have any proof and he is the only guy on the island who can provide you potions and all those nifty items low level adventurers need anyway. 

By the way, if you’ve talked to Zzeribah, you’d have the temple marked on the map anyway, whether you’ve killed her or not. All in all, the order of the day is go spelunking in an abandoned temple.

So the temple is your typical necromantic affair. You got to have ghouls, zombies, and skeletons to kill in an RPG. There’s also a bunch of treasure scattered around the rooms. The tribals rarely come here, they are afraid of the place. Beyond that though, you would find little notes around that suggest that this temple used to be dedicated to an old God of the Sea. Cthulhuish allusions aside, it isn’t necessarily an old one temple, but a temple build by previous settlers to the island when the world was in the throes of its renaissance age.* Either way, the temple was abandoned when the island was abandoned and so in theory, so was the God.

If a God is abandoned, he dies. It’s a concept better explored by Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods.

After the requisite amount of time spent in a temple breaking bones and the like, you’ll venture deeper in a cavern, where clues lead you to believe that at least a small group of believers holed up before finally succumbing to starvation, death and all those pesky little problems living people have when they don’t eat. Until you reach the final cavern, where, lo and behold a LICH stands waiting. He must be the one responsible for the missing tribals. You can’t really ask him though, since this particular Lich isn’t particularly articulate. I’m guessing it’s the lack of a larynx. Which also makes him a pretty easy fight, since his spells are low-level stuff.

So wait a minute, if he’s the Lich, isn’t he supposed to be the boss and kinda hard? Ah Ha! Well, once you’ve killed the Lich a weak voice will begin talking to you and you find yourself in conversation with a dead god. It’s a fairly simple conversation of “He’s a Dead God, he wants to be known again, and he doesn’t care how.” He’s been looking for a body powerful enough to possess and he can walk out of the temple and “convert” the nearby people, but the tribals his herald has been sending him have been useless. He has considered possessing his herald, but he’s not dumb a God, he needs his herald for the more human task. Anyway, his Herald has done good, sending a rather powerful sorceress into the lair to be possessed.

Well, now don’t you feel kinda stupid? Well, ok. not stupid but definitely a little betrayed. So before I give you time to realize who the Herald is. He’ll step out of the shadows from behind you.

It’s Father Tully. Da da DAAAA. 

*The history of the world is a little fuzzy, mostly because I never though of one. Everything was created for the sense of story at the moment.


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