Zombie Ninja Pirate Robot… Combine!!

I’m starting this blog for the warm up posting.

The central idea for the blog is to track the many varied process and ideas that go into concept development and eventual writing for any other medium that isn’t sheer prose. This isn’t a writing blog per se, as there are tons of those out there already and following s

This is a blog to track the often undiscussed state of storytelling in Singapore. Regionally as well, if it pertains to that. Seeing as how the government has a sudden interest in developing a viable media industry, it’s rather odd that we don’t actually have blods, or communities that deal with the first step of creating our own media. Rather, the writers, thinkers, creators and storytellers are stills scattered in this tiny country, trying to eke out a living and a modicum of respect from a society that hates and fears us. I may have confused us with the X-men.

At the very least, I’m still trying to figure out what the blog can and will be posting. Mostly it’ll be stuff related to the industry, and to writing in the industry in general. Hopefully,  I can sidestep pompous posting of self-proclaimed preenings, or bitching about the industry in general. We have teething problems yes, but they’re not insurmountable. They might however, take some time before we fully understand what it is we’re suppose to do here.

Either way, first post, and the hopes that there will more and better to come.


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